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road gap

Road Gap.jpg

Speed and dynamics dismount are very important. With insufficient speed or insufficient dynamics at the dismount, you risk not crossing the "Road Gap". It is best to practice with flat Table jumps first. It comes down to finding the right balance between speed and jump dynamics.
Build up tension, arms and legs are deeply bent. As soon as your front wheel almost reaches the edge of the jump, extend your arms and legs to the maximum.

2.Flight phase
Let yourself be carried, enjoy the flight, relax for a smooth landing.
Look at the landing site as soon as possible. First try to keep the bike as straight as possible. The more your arms and legs are stretched during the flight phase, the better you can rebound on landing.

3. Landing
Press the front wheel into landing (your arms are straight). Your legs are bent to absorb the blow. Try to land with the front wheel from the start, it is safest. 

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