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Posture & Adjustment


Everything starts with the correct height of your saddle.  This can be checked as follows: When you stand with your heel on the pedal (pedal all the way down) and you are sitting in the saddle, your leg should not be fully stretched. In addition to the height of your saddle, the saddle position is also important. Make sure the point is not too high. This is a matter of trying. Incidentally, it is wise to place your saddle a little lower on a technical course!The stem should then not be too long or too short; otherwise your back will hurt. The position on the bicycle depends on the type of bicycle. With a typical XC race bike you sit very forward, while with a freeride model you sit more upright. You can absorb shocks with your arms and legs, even if you have the luxury of a full! Make sure you always sit relaxed on your bike, and your arms are slightly bent

  Determining the frame size

 Method 1 

Measure the: length of your inside leg in bare feet (set them about 15 cm apart). That is, from the floor to your crotch. At the bicycle shop they have a special measuring device. See also Table for an estimate of this inseam length. Multiply the inseam length by 0.226. Round the result down.This is then the right bike size.Example: 90 cm x 0.226 = 20.34 inches. Grounded: 20 inches. In centimeters: 51 cm.

 Method 2 

Another way to check whether the frame is good is a calculation with your bicycle. Stand with your legs over the bike. Lift the top frame tube to your crotch. The saddle point is in your back. If the front wheel is 7-13 cm above the ground, the bike is correct. 

Method 3 

The frame of a mountain bike is roughly 8 cm smaller than a regular bicycle.

 The bicycle setup 

Saddle height 

The saddle height is properly adjusted if your leg is slightly bent while cycling at maximum extension. 

Handlebar height

 There are no special rules for the handlebar height in relation to the saddle. Change the handlebar height gradually if you are not comfortable on your bike. Take an Allen key with you when cycling. 

Handlebar width 

The wider the handlebars, the less weight rests on the front wheel and therefore less road grip. A longer handlebar gives more grip, but the chance to roll over is also greater.

 Finally, some remarks 

The above calculation methods are not perfect: change the adjustment if you feel that you are not comfortable on your bike. It is best to take allen keys with you during the first tours (don't start with a long one right away), so that you can change the saddle and handlebar height along the way. Make these adjustments in small steps!If you have any doubts about the frame size, choose the smaller frame as a sporty cyclist. If you are more of a tour cyclist, take the larger size. 

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