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Carving & Tripod


 Carving is the driving technique in which you stick your inner foot out as support in the turn. For steep turns, use the raised edge for even more speed.
Entering the bend
The way in which you cut the corner is all-important. Choose a braking point at 1/3 of the turn and slow down your pace so that you can enter the turn without further braking.
The ideal line for each corner is the largest radius: you can approach the outer edge, at the highest point you turn all the way in and at the end of the corner you drive out again. Off road, however, you have to take the subsoil into account, so look for a track with as few pebbles as possible. Read the grounds !!!
Angled position
Rule 1: use your brakes, your bike will immediately get more grip. Lean slightly in the direction of the turn and press the bike even more towards the ground. Now, just to be on the safe side, stick the foot out on the inside to catch the bike if the tires should slip. The foot on the outside is on the pedal, which is all the way down, the leg presses to the frame. This way you exert optimal pressure on both tires. The center of gravity is approximately in the middle, slightly in front of the bottom bracket. Keep 2 fingers on the brakes, but only use the rear brake if things go wrong.
Middle of the bend
The bike is strongly pressed under the body, the foot slides lightly on the gravel. Pay attention to the posture on your bike. Don't hang too far back, otherwise there won't be enough pressure on the front wheel, which could cause it to bounce. Your upper body is above the front part of the bike, the arms are bent. If both tires slip, straighten the bike by raising yourself slightly. Look for a clean line, a curve line that you no longer need to correct. After the highest point of the turn, pull the bike straight out of the slanted position.
Put your foot back on the pedal and click it back into place. While your bike is still slightly slanted, you can accelerate again. When you start to pedal, don't pull your handlebars, but pick a point at the end of the turn and cycle towards it.

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