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The wheelie is a must for every biker.

A good wheelie is mainly a matter of practice.

Once you've mastered the normal wheelie,

can you try the manual...

* Choose the right gear; please note that it should certainly not be too light (do not use the smallest front sheet!)

* Arrive at low speed (+/- 10km per hour), as you get better the speed can be increased...

* Keep your finger on the rear brake

* Pull up your handlebars and at the same time give a short, but strong kick

* At the point of balance, try to keep your arms straight as much as possible

* As soon as you fall backwards, use your rear brake (with care, otherwise you will be back on the ground immediately)

* You steer during the wheelie by slowly shifting your weight to the left or right

A few more tips


  • A wheelie can be done with click pedals as well as with platform pedals
    be made, but we recommend that you only do this in the beginning
    doing it with platform better for you
    tailbone and the back of your head.

  •  A gentle uphill slope is ideal for practice,
    this way you can get your front wheel off the ground easier...


  •  Although a wheelie on asphalt is easiest, practice on a grass field...


  • First exercise:
    pull over bike and get off behind bike (to gain confidence)

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