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Rear Wheel Drifting

  1. Check your brakes so that you can easily lock your rear wheel. Make sure your tires are not too flat, slicks slide the easiest.

  2. Provide  sufficient  speed. Speed has your poise and comfort.

  3. Neutral position, straight on the pedals, and lean  into the turn.

  4. Initiate the turn by turning the front wheel slightly in the direction of the turn. Control your speed with the front brake.  The front brake will also initiate the first phase of the next step.

  5. Squeeze your rear brake very quickly so that the rear wheel locks. This will cause the rear wheel to lose traction with the ground and begin to slide.


  1. Slide your rear wheel through the turn and lean slightly to the inside of the turn.


  1. Make sure to countersteer at the front! If you don't, the rear wheel will be thrown and you could be thrown off the bike.


  1. Point the front wheel in the desired direction  as you exit the corner and at the same time gently release your rear brake so that your rear wheel comes out of the skid. Keep pedaling and maintain your speed. If the bike starts to wobble, apply your rear brake slightly again, so that the bike becomes stable again. Practice makes perfect!


  1. You can also practice with the tripod first, inside leg  sticking out for security.

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