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Front hop


The front hop is a must for every self-respecting trialer, but it is also wise for the downhillers among us to learn to master the front hop.


1. Reduce your speed enough. If you use SPD pedals or other clipless pedals, make sure you can get off easily. It is best to use platform pedals with good grip.


2. Block your front wheel almost in one go, make sure your pedals are horizontal to the ground, and at the same time bring your weight forward carefully, but quickly.


3. Move your pelvis towards your handlebars. This way the center of gravity is more forward. Keep the back of your bike straight behind you, otherwise you will fall to the side.


4. The balance point is approximately above your stem. Balance by shifting your weight (especially work from your pelvis and your legs). Release your brake and throw your weight back as soon as you start to fall forward.

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