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Tree roots


Just feel the flow and let your bike lead
Relaxed central position, run your bike over the roots and absorb bumps in your arms and legs. Focus on the flat spaces in between to keep your bike under control (brakes, balance,….)
Dab or go down
Let your bike caress the roots, ride light and feel when your bike starts to slip, click out and place your foot.
Slow your spider
Go to a heavier gear so that your cadence decreases. The slower cadence allows you to put more pressure on your pedals when needed, and to feel faster when your bike starts to slip.
Pick your line
You never have a 100% root trail, so look for the open traction points (bare ground) to keep your bike under control. Also try to cross the roots as much as possible!
Take a leap
If you have a clear track, with an obstacle, that you can take with 1 jump, take your chance. This might be a bit more risky, but the thrill is all the more awesome!
Tubeless tires allow you to drive with very low pressure in the tyres. This way you get more grip and less chance of flat driving. Recommended tires are 2.2 or 2.3 with 1.8 bar pressure!

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