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To climb


Climbing, for some a necessary evil, for others a challenge. Before you plunge back down you have to if you don't have access to a ski lift. With a good climbing technique you leave other riders in the dust.


First of all, make sure you are in the right gear just before the climb. If you shift gears when you're running out of momentum, there's a good chance your chain will skip.


Stay in the saddle as long as possible when climbing. This way you waste the least amount of power and keep the pressure on the rear wheel. It is a fact that you burn more energy as soon as you step on the pedals. On very steep climbs, slide a little forward on your saddle and it is best to use the bar ends. Face your handlebars with your nose. This way your front wheel will not come off the ground as quickly.


Always choose a good path along which you climb up, taking into account stones and tree roots on your way as much as possible. So look ahead!


If you want to relieve your legs, it is good to stand on the pedals for a while. Also during a sprint you can of course put more power if you stand on the pedals; after all, gravity cooperates.

Start with a light resistance. During the climb you can possibly switch to a heavier gear (the other way around is a lot more difficult). Try to stay on your saddle as long as possible to prevent your rear wheel from slipping. To prevent your front wheel from slipping, lean forward with your elbows bent. For short and steep slopes, make sure that your bike has sufficient starting speed.

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