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pedal kick

Pedal Kick.png

Can be used in almost all mountain bike disciplines.


In the trial it will mainly come down to jumping from one obstacle to the next, while in xc mountain biking you can mainly benefit from a pedal kick when climbing. Sometimes it happens that you have to go over an obstacle during a climb. Since the speed is not high enough for a Bunnyhop, the Pedalkick comes into play....


With the pedal kick you use a short, powerful pedal stroke to get over an obstacle or to bridge an opening. First of all, make sure that the selected gear is not too small, so that you can make sufficient progress with a relatively small revolution of your crank.

Just before the obstacle, your most powerful leg must be in the ideal kicking position, you can do this by (quickly) kicking back.


Now turn it on full, your steering wheel will now rise automatically. Once your front wheel is over the obstacle, shift your weight slightly forward so that your back wheel goes over it.

The hard part about the pedal kick is timing and keeping traction on a steep climb. So practice.

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