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Ledges & Stairs

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Drive off
Come in a standing position.
Once your front wheel is over the ledge, put your weight as far behind the saddle as possible as your bike dives down (depending on the steepness).
Also make sure you slow down beforehand so you don't have to brake during the drop.
Avoid large steering movements and drive smoothly and resolutely.
When transitioning to the horizontal part, bring your weight forward again as far as necessary.

Drive up
Come in a standing position.
Watch the timing and bring your weight back at the right time.
Pull up on the handlebars to raise the front wheel onto the ledge.
By relieving the pedals and moving the body's center of gravity forward

and raising it, the rear wheel hops over the ledge at the same time.
The rear wheel does not have to come off the ground. It is enough if

you relieve the pedals, otherwise there is a danger of a flat tire.

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